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Prevensi Pelecehan Seksual terhadap Wanita Melalui Pendidikan Kesetaraan Gender

Eriany, Praharesti (1999) Prevensi Pelecehan Seksual terhadap Wanita Melalui Pendidikan Kesetaraan Gender. Majalah Ilmiah Pranata, 9 (9). ISSN 0852-0887



Sexual harassment is one behavior form of violence against women. Every woman from all different social classes is predicted to have experienced sexual harassment within different quantity and quality. Sexual harrasment on women has at least three negative effects: altitude toward work, psychological effect. and health effect. There are many factors that result in this behavior, including patriarchy system and perception toward gender. This writing tries to focus on the gender equality education as one prevention of sexual harassment. It is predicted that this kind of education would be effective if given to subject in early adolescence development. where the gender stereotype is still flexible so there is an opportunity to construct a more positive perception toward gender equality. The focus of their attention is not on the difference between the two sexes, but it is believed that the two of them are completing each other.

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